Go Pro - Become a Diving Professional in Panglao

Become a professional scuba diver and get paid for what you love doing! Becoming a Divemaster is the first step in your professional scuba diving career. You’ll be able to find jobs as a divemaster in scuba diving centers around the world and guide people underwater. You’ll gain greater proficiency in navigating, guiding, rescuing, maintaining safety regulations and much more through your intensive divemaster training with us! The next step after becoming a divemaster is a diving instructor, which will allow you to teach and certify students up to a divemaster level.

Valm Divers is a professional SSI Instructor Training Center and all of our certified Divemasters and Scuba Diving Instructors are certified under SSI, a leading international scuba diving organization. SSI professionals can easily find work in the diving industry worldwide. Panglao is perfect for anyone who wants to become a diving professional due to the diversity of it’s dive sites, and numerous visitors who want to fun dive in Panglao, or to take a Scuba Diving Course in Panglao. You’ll have the perfect conditions to get the necessary experience to train you for your next job in the diving industry.

Become an SSI Divemaster In Panglao with Valm Divers


The Divemaster Course you’ll take in Panglao is the first step in becoming a scuba diving professional. This is an internship-style course, where you participate in the daily life of a busy dive shop. The course includes skill development both in confined and open water to the level that you can demonstrate them to others. Your training will also cover the safety aspects of being a dive leader, and you will learn how to best take care of your customers in a variety of conditions. You will work with our instructors and to learn from their teaching styles and briefings.

Course requirements Depending on your starting level. We’ll customize the course to your needs. In order to be certified as a Divemaster, you need to have completed Stress & Rescue, hold a current first aid certificate with the ability to administer emergency oxygen, have at least 50 logged dives, and completed the Dive Guide program. We recommend to reserve anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks for this program in order to have plenty of time to complete all requirements and to gain experience.

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Become an SSI Diving Instructor in Panglao


Change your office from the four walls to the open ocean. Teach new people the skills and knowledge they need to become divers! The Instructor Training Course (ITC) focuses not only on the teaching aspect of being a scuba professional, but also on the diving industry and the retail side of things. The instructor’s mission is to create inspired divers, who will go on to enjoy their new hobby no matter where they travel. Our mission is to give you the tools to make that happen. We use the SSI online study materials to the fullest extent, and on the ITC you will work together with our instructor trainers to get your skills, both in and out of the water, up to a professional level. Interactive workshops and hands-on practice sessions combined with the latest in dive theory will equip you to become one of the most hireable dive professionals.

After the ITC you will be able to teach all of the entry-level dive courses, and the Stress & Rescue, Perfect Buoyancy, Nitrox, and Dive Guide specialties. For more specialties, we can arrange seminars or co-teaching to upgrade your status to Specialty Instructor.

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