Discovery Dives

Discovery Dives

Did you always want to try to dive?


Never tried scuba diving before? Now is the time. The clear, warm waters around Panglao Island make this the perfect location to discover what lies beneath the ocean. Learn from our experienced instructors how to breathe underwater. As your safety is paramount to us, we keep our groups very small with one instructor to two customers. 

You will start by learning how the equimpent works and how water affects our bodies. We will then progress to practicing some basic skills in shallow water and then we will complete the dive on our local house reef. Your instructor will be with you for your whole journey. Discover scuba dives are conducted both morning and afternoons and usually take 2-3 hours to complete.

If you enjoy your discover scuba dive and want to learn how to dive, then you can progress onto the open water course which normally takes between 2-3 days. Book via the website or email/call us for details.

Latest Photo

Some recent photo's from our divers.

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